The Quahog Emporium
Food, Jewelry and Gifts
In the Historic Seaport of Wickford, RI

We specialize in food, gifts, and jewelry that involve Rhode Island's unique culture. For example, the coffee cabinet. (If you're new to Rhode Island, you'll discover that the coffee cabinet is a cold drink, not a piece of furniture!)

For food, you can get traditional Rhode Island seafoods, hot from our kitchen. If you want something to cook in your own kitchen, stock up on specalties made here in Rhode Island — chowders, lemonades, coffee syrups, smoked fish, and batter mixes. You can also get lobsters: cooked, or live from their private swimming pool. 

For jewelry, we specialize in Rhode Island materials like quahog shell and pure quartz beach pebbles (called moonstones in the 19th century). The gems are created by nature, and the jewelry is made by Rhode Islanders, so each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

We're located right in the heart of  Wickford, on 60 Brown Street, beside the Wickford Diner. Phone: 401-885-2020.

Hot from our kitchen:
clam cakes, stuffies, and more

clamcakes   stuffie

Cool for your kitchen:
delicious chowders, smoked salmon, lobsters, chocolate quahogs, and lots more

Blount Chowder to Go  smoked salmon

Designer Jewelry
from the sea

quahog shell pendant  quahog shell and turquoise pendant   quahog shell and sterling shell

Vintage skiff that could be used to harvest quahogs