Local Rhode Island Foods
Prepare in your own kitchen...
or eat while exploring Wickford.

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Frozen Blount Chowder to go

Frozen Chowders & Bisques
by Blount Seafood (Bristol, RI)

Blount Seafood started out in 1946 with a small plant for processing Narragansett Bay quahogs. Today they're the nation's largest producer of  seafood chowders, soups, and bisques.  Especially lobster bisques! These are a quick and easy way for you to serve delicious seafood hot from your kitchen stove.

Rhode Island smoked salmon on plate

Smoked Fish
by Fox Smoked Fish (Narragansett, RI)

Fox produces fine quality, 100% natural smoked seafood using just fish, salt, and natural smoke from hickory and maple wood. Their relationships with local fishermen ensures that they start with the freshest seafood available. Not familiar with smoked fish? For a start, try their Honey-Maple Smoked Salmon, one of several choices of smoked seafood available at the Emporium.

Botttles of Del's Lemonade

Del's Lemonade
by Del's  (Cranston, RI)

It started back in 1840 in Naples, Italy, when Great Grandfather DeLucia carried snow into nearby caves and insulated it with straw. Come summer, he mixed juice from local lemons with the right amount of snow and ice. Here at the Emporium, you can get Del's lemonade in several flavors, and either bottled and ready to drink -- or powdered and ready to mix with water and ice (or snow!).

Batters ready for you to use.

Drum Rock Batters and Mixes
by Drum Rock Products (Warwick, RI)

The McCabe family's traditional recipes used natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives, and the same is true for their products available here at the Emporium. An earned reputation for quality. Drum Rock? it's a three-ton boulder that, according to legend, could be heard for ten miles when rocked by the Narragansetts.The Indian on the package is holding a gold bar, signifying that the product is as good as gold. Imagine the golden clam cakes you can make with it!

Bottles of coffee syrups. Makes coffee cabinets.

Coffee Syrup
by Autocrat Coffee (Wakefield, RI)
and Dave's Marketplace (East Greenwich, RI)

If you're from Rhode Island, you'll know that coffee syrup is a unique feature of the state's cultural heritage — like quahogs. If you're not from Rhode Island, then this is a great opportunity for you to take some coffee syrup back to your kitchen and try some recipes that have made this a staple in local kitchens for decades. It can be as easy as stirring a spoonful into a glass of milk! Or, you can try these recipes for cakes, gingerbread, puddings, and drinks on Autocrat's web site.

chocolate quahogs chocolate lobster lollipop

Chocolate Quahogs and Lobsters
by Sweenor's Chocolates (Wakefield, RI)

Sweenor's is Rhode Island's largest chocolate manufacturer, and they maintain a commitment to focus on quality, using only the finest ingredients and no preservatives. Just the fragrance from one of their hand-made treats will make your mouth water! This is good chocolate!

Bottle of Tangy Bang hot sauce

Tangy Bang Salt-Free Hot Sauce
by Mr. Spice Healthy Foods (Newport, RI)

Perk up a baked potato, tomato juice, or your favorite pasta sauce with this balance of  sweet, sour, and tangy — plus the right touch of fire. This sauce helps you create healthy, low-sodium, spicy meals, and it's one of many from Mr. Spice that can help build your kitchen's reputation as a source of creaive and delicious meals.

Duffy's Own House Dressing.

Duffy's Own House Dressing
by Duffy's Restaurant/Tucker Seafood (Wickford, RI)

This is the most popular dressing at Duffy's, and if you always enjoyed there, you can now enjoy it at home, too.  It has a balsamic base blended with olive oil.

Logo for Salt Pond Oysters

Salt Pond Oysters
Big, Bountiful, and Intensely Flavorful
by (Salt Pond Oyster Co., Wakefield, RI)

The best way to enjoy the rich flavor of these oysters is to eat them raw, without any condiments. You can also put them on your grill, or in a stew, or make what some folks claim is the grandfather of the Quahog stuffie — Oyster Rockefeller, created in 1899 in New Orleans and named for the richness of the dish, reflecting the wealth of its  namesake J. D. Rockefeller. Great story to tell your guests at the dinner table!